"Hi, I´m Effy, and I´d like to teach you how to properly understand the value of money, how to manage your pocket money or how to reasonably store money and achieve your dreams. I will do this all in a simple, playful form that will not bore you."

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Effy is an application, which will improve lives of young people. You ask “How”? Effy improves knowledge in the financial aspects of life by developing an application that will facilitate financial education of young people. Games are used as learning tools to attract attention of users. The application grows with the user and educates young people how to manage their own money reasonably and at the same time understand its value.


"Successful carrying out of your individual, scheduled tasks can not only help your parents, but you can also learn how to understand the value of these activities. Of course, you will be able to determine your own tasks to find out how many and how difficult tasks you can handle.."


"Each of us has wishes, sometimes more or less of them, some of them are simple and not so difficult, others are more complex and harder to achieve. In order not to lose sight of your wishes and their status, I will teach you to create a simple and clear list that will allow you to see how far you are to fulfill your dream."


"The money, which you earn by carrying out the activities, you can also spend. I know that you need to have an overview about the status of how successfully you manage your money and therefore I will provide you short list where you can find your actual status of your money management on a daily, weekly and monthly basis."


"If you will be successful in your money management, it will make happy not only yours parents but also me, and that´s the reason why I will reward you :) I will offer you products which will help you to achieve your goals sooner."


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Incubator TUKE is part of the University Science Park TECHNICOM ecosystem and it is a key component of business acceleration, technology transfer and innovation built within the concept of the university science park. Its purpose is to create a motivating environment in the region of Košice and Prešov, which will help to develop innovative ideas in various domains. The main objective is to start a process that will encourage people to realize their innovative ideas and help transform the idea into a commercially useful product or a service.

Central European Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, providing annual spotlight to those who dare to dream big and shape the way our future will look. We are bringing together the best ideas and best minds in 5 region, in 45 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit and startups ecosystems.

The main aim of the EYES project is promotion of the V4 cooperation opportunities by exchanging good practices and experiences in the V4 countries with the help of innovative business development models in the emerging sustainable economic sectors such as ICT, green economy, creative industry with a special focus on startups.

The main objective of the think.BDPST conference is to provide a regional platform for high-level representatives of the governmental, academic, and business sectors to initiate dialogue about the different approaches to innovation and new technologies, including the security, economic, and social dimensions

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Radovan Šalitroš

Peter Imrich

The problem of inadequate financial literacy is still up to date. We think that this topic does not have enough attention and therefore we have decided to implement the eFFy project. Through this project we want not only to raise the knowledge of the financial world but also to help understand the value of money. And where is it best to start with our little ones?